Student Handbook 2016-2017


For the protection and safety of all, students are expected to be familiar with and to abide by the regulations of the school as found in this Handbook. They are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner at all times. Any non-compliance of this policy including but not limited to physical and verbal abuse, fighting, bullying and making threats, will result in serious consequences to be determined by the Administration. Sacred Heart Academy is a closed campus.



Sacred Heart Academy believes that regular school attendance is a major component of academic success. Ordinarily, there is a positive correlation between classroom attendance and achievement. Attendance is taken in the morning in homeroom and by each subject teacher throughout the day not only to insure the safety of each student, but to stress the importance of class presence and participation. In instances of absence, students are expected to make up in a timely manner the school work missed in accordance with the teachers’ academic contracts. Sacred Heart Academy reserves the right to withhold course credit from any student who accumulates more than 20 absences in a full year course or more than 10 absences in a half year course.

On the morning of each day of absence, a parent, not a student, is asked to call the school between 8:15 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. at (516) 483-7175 stating the student’s name, homeroom and reason for absence. Voicemail is available beginning the previous evening for your convenience.

Appointments for permit tests, doctors and dentists should be made for the hours after school or on holidays. In an emergency situation the parent is asked to call the General Office and send a note in with the student. A student who has an early morning doctor/dentist’s appointment, Road/Permit test is required to present a doctor/dentist’s note or documentation, Motor Vehicle Department, etc. upon arrival at school.



     A note of excuse is to be brought to the Assistant Principal by 7:55 A.M. on the day the student returns. Students are responsible for all class work and tests that are missed. An absent note from the parent is also needed when a student is absent when she is attending any enrichment program or academic/leadership workshop not sponsored by Sacred Heart Academy. If a parent does not call a student into school, the student will be considered truant. Also, if a parent calls a student in for a reason that does not constitute a legitimate absence from school (for example, staying home on a retreat day or school sponsored event because she doesn’t want to attend, staying home to catch up on studying, etc.), that student will be considered truant.

     The following are considered excused absences with a phone call by a parent on the day of absence and a written note the first day a student returns to school:

Death of an immediate family member

Legal circumstances, i.e. court, lawyers, probation, etc.

School sponsored activities

Documented College Visit – limited number of visits per school year. 

Juniors and Seniors are permitted TWO excused college visits. 

Sophomores being recruited for athletics are allowed TWO excused college visits with the Principal’s pre-approval. 

Documentation must be provided to the Assistant Principal from the college/university confirming the student’s presence on the campus and the date of the visit.

Family Vacations are not considered an excused absence.

All absences, excused or unexcused, are recorded as days absent from school for New York State Department of Education records.

The School Administration is responsible to ensure the health and well being of all students. Students are required to provide doctor’s lines upon returning to school when they have been absent because of: chronic illnesses or contagious diseases (chicken pox, conjunctivitis, mono, etc.) or any kind of hospitalization and/or surgery, or an illness requiring five or more continuous days of absence.

In keeping with New York State law, even in the event that a conscientious student is ill and wishes to take an exam and return home, permission may not be given for her to enter the building. If a student is present at the beginning of the day and takes any administered exam and/or submits any projects or assignments during school hours, they will count for all students regardless of what time or for what reason they may have left school during that day. Except for previously scheduled doctor’s appointments or for a medical emergency indicated by doctor’s lines, a student may not take an exam later in the day if she were not in school at the start of the day.

If the student is absent for the day, it is at the discretion of the teacher, whether papers, projects or any other assignments will be accepted. If they are accepted, the student is required to submit her work during school hours: 7:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M. A doctor’s note is required in order for a student to be eligible to take a Make-up Exam for a mid-term and/or final exam.

A student must be present for the entire school day in order to participate in school activities and events unless excused by an Administrator.

  In case of illness or legitimate excuse, the parent will meet the student (including seniors) at the General Office and accompany her to her destination. No student may be met at school by anyone other than a parent or designated adult. The name of any adult picking up a student must be on the emergency card and show photo ID. If a parent wishes to change the information on an emergency card, he or she must do so in person in the General Office.

*  All students who leave school for any reason prior to regular dismissal time must be signed out by a parent or guardian in the General Office before leaving the building. 


Levels of Intervention for Excessive Absenteeism from a Class or School Day

•  Students who have extensive absences because of chronic illness documented by a doctor are usually granted course credit.

•  All decisions are subject to review by the Administration.


A `warning letter containing the Attendance Policy is sent home from the School Counselor when a student reaches 5 absences from school or from a subject class.

The letter will also include that when students exceeds 10 absences in a half year course, they may lose credit for that course.

A copy of the letter is sent to the Assistant Principal and Dean. The School Counselor will meet with the student.


A parent meeting with the Assistant Principal, Counselor and Dean is scheduled when a student reaches 10 absences from school or from a subject class.

Once the student exceeds 10 absences she is ineligible for NHS induction and/or losing NHS status and Honor Rolls. The student may not participate in any category I activities, clubs, teams, field trips or any school sponsored events.

The student may lose credit in a half year course when her absences exceed 10.

The School Counselor documents the meeting in the student’s permanent record folder.


A parent meeting is scheduled with the Assistant to the Principal for Academics, the School Counselor and Dean (Director of College and Career Counseling and Academic Services or Guidance Chairperson will be present on a case by case basis) when a student reaches 15 absences from school or from a subject class.

A specific contract will be provided for this meeting by the Assistant to the Principal for Academics for each student stating the following: In addition to the above, (The student is ineligible for NHS induction and/or losing NHS status and Honor Rolls. The student may not participate in any category I activities, clubs, teams, field trips or any school sponsored events). At this juncture, the student is ineligible to enroll in Honors Classes or College Level Courses for the following school year. The student is also placed on Academic Probation when absences are in excess of 15. 

A copy of the signed contract will go in the student’s permanent record folder by the School Counselor.


A FINAL Parent meeting with the Principal and the appropriate other administrators is scheduled when a student reaches 20 absences from school or from a subject class.

If the student accrues any more absences after this point, the student may lose credit for her coursework and may be asked to withdraw from Sacred Heart Academy for the following school year. (Please note that only two courses can be repeated in Summer School).

A Loss of Credit Form will be sent home from the Principal’s Office to the parent informing them of their daughter’s current status.

If the student is not invited to return to Sacred Heart Academy because of excessive absences, a letter from the School Counselor will accompany her transcript to her new school explaining that the student was asked to withdraw because of excessive absences. “0 credit” will be listed next to each course on her transcript by the Programming Office.


Attendance is taken each morning immediately after prayers and announcements. Students report to homeroom as soon as the warning bell is sounded at 7:55 A.M. Anyone not in homeroom at the 8:00 A.M. bell is considered late and needs to report to the General Office for a late pass. (Lateness due to School District Busing, Public Transportation and Train are considered excused latenesses. These students will also report to the General Office for a pass). If a student arrives after 8:15 A.M., she must have a parent or doctor’s note otherwise she will not be admitted to class. Parents of students who are excessively late are periodically notified. Parents will be informed by letter upon the student’s third lateness of the year. A Detention will be served for each subsequent lateness. If latenesses persist, further action will be taken. Ten latenesses per year are considered to be excessive. Any excessive lateness will put a student at risk of not being inducted into the National Honor Society and/or losing NHS status, Honor Rolls, Honors Classes for the following school year and participation in activities, clubs, teams and school events. 

Any student late to class will be issued a behavioral report. Students must be accounted for at all times during school hours. When leaving a study hall or unscheduled period, students will sign out with the teacher. When arriving at the Nurse’s Office, Guidance Office, etc. students will sign in. Students are to go straight to their destination and then return immediately to their study hall or free period. Failure to do so will be considered cutting class – an unscheduled period does not mean a student is free to wander the building. If a student is unaccounted for at any time during the school day, she is considered as having cut class. This non-compliance will result in a behavioral report and, in addition, will necessitate a parental contact, a two-hour Detention and/or Suspension of privileges. 

Truancy or leaving the school premises without permission will automatically result in Suspension and/or Expulsion.



       Report cards are issued each quarter at the official marking periods. The report card calculations will reflect: each quarter mark (20%), mid-term grade (10%), final exam/Regents) grade (10%). These calculations do not apply to Theology and half year courses.  The cumulative grade and credit for the course will be reflected on the final report card.


       The HONOR ROLL is published at the end of each marking period. It is based on the average computed for all major courses in which the student is enrolled. Ordinarily, in each of the first three years these are theology, English, a second language, social studies, math, science and fine arts. Seniors must carry theology, English, social studies and at least 5 major electives or 4 major electives if registering for AP classes. 

Any student who compromises her integrity on any school exam or Regents exam will not be eligible for any Honor Roll during that academic year.

Principal’s List 

95% or higher

No grade in a major subject below 90%

First Honors

90% or higher

No grade in a major subject below 85%

Second Honors

85% or higher

No grade in a major subject below 75%

Students who are absent in excess of 10 days are not eligible for honor rolls.




Incoming 9th graders who have achieved a designated score on the Catholic High School Entrance Exam (CHSEE) or (TACHS) are eligible for Literary Genre 9 Honors, Global Studies 9 Honors, and Living Environment 9 Honors.

Current students seeking placement in Honors Courses must achieve the specific average designated by the Department and any other qualifications that are unique to that department as indicated in the Course Description Book which can be found on the website.

*** The 1.1 honors weighting is not used for honors placement for any course in any department.

Honor Courses: As an incentive for accomplishing more challenging assignments, the grade for an honors course is calculated by multiplying the final mark by 1.1. Students are selected for honors classes starting in the Freshman year. 

Honor Societies: Students are admitted to Honor Societies for each discipline according to the individual society’s requirements.       


1.  The highest grade a student can earn for quarter grades, midterm grades, final exams and Regents is 100%.

2.  All courses and Regents needed for graduation must be passed during the summer in order for a student to return to Sacred Heart Academy in September.

3. In order for a student to receive credit for a Regents Course, she must pass not only the Regents Exam but also the course itself. The overall average of the 5 marks for that subject for the year, must be at least 65%. 

4.  If a student does not pass the course or she does not pass the regents and has a course average below 70%, she must go to summer school.  If no summer school course is offered, she must receive 25 hours of instruction by a Sacred Heart approved certified tutor and take a Sacred Heart exam in August.  Summer school location or tutor can not be altered.  If the student passes the August exam, she will receive course credit.  If the student fails the exam, she will not receive credit and she  will not be able to return to Sacred Heart Academy

5. Students take comprehensive exams January and in June. (Passing Policy) If a student fails a Regents in June, the student must take the Regents in August (if offered by NYS).  If the Regents is not offered by NYS in August, the student must take the Regents in January.

6.  If a student fails 3 courses, she may be asked to leave Sacred Heart Academy.

7.  It is expected that the attitude and conduct of all students during any and all examinations be one of seriousness and respect.  All oral and written responses must only reflect the subject matter of the exam.  No extraneous comments, illustrations or remarks are ever permitted on test booklets and/or examination papers.  Any student who does not meet these expectations may experience any and all of the following consequences:  detention, losing membership in the National Honor Society and/or Academic Honor Societies, losing the 1.1 weighted average of AP and Honor Courses, and receiving any other action deemed appropriate by the Sacred Heart Academy Administration.

8. Students in AP classes register for the exams in March of the academic year. A student who registers for any AP test must take the AP exam in May.  There are no makeups for AP exams.  If a student is absent or fails to take an AP exam, she will lose the 1.1 factor at the end of the year.  Any student in an AP course who fails to register for the AP exam will lose credit for the entire AP course and the 1.1 factor.  In this case the student’s transcript will be altered.

9.  It is the responsibility of the student to submit all assignments to her classroom teacher before she leaves for any scheduled appointment or event where the student will not be in school on the due date of the assigned work.

10.  Seniors must pass all senior classes in order to receive a Sacred Heart diploma.

11.  The parents of any senior who receives an Edline continuous progress report indicating a possibility of failing any course must meet with the Assistant to the Principal to discuss the seriousness of the situation and sign an academic contract.

12.  Letters of recommendation for college applications are only written for students who will be graduating from Sacred Heart Academy.    

13.  All students must take 3 years of the same foreign language regardless of level of entry.  

14.  A student who wishes to try out for and/or participate in extracurricular activities at Sacred Heart Academy, including clubs, sports, the school play, the school ballet performance, Red and Gold, or other school activities must maintain certain academic standards. These are: 

a.  Report Card

The report card must indicate a quarter overall average of at least 70% without any course grade below 65% This includes all Regents exams. 

b.  Academic Progress

If a student receives a failing grade in one or more courses, a failing Regents Exam grade or if a student’s overall average is below 70% on any report card, she will automatically be put on academic probation and the consequences of this status will immediately go into effect.  A student on academic probation may not participate and/or try out for Category I Activities.  Reevaluation will occur at the next academic juncture, a report card or regents exam.              

c.  Mid-Year Exam

       If a student fails three or more mid-year exams, she will be placed on academic probation and would be prohibited from participating and/or trying out for the Category I activities. 

Category I Activities

Student Council - Techniques - Musical Theatre (significant role) - Speech/Debate - Yearbook - Dance Theatre - V Volleyball - V Basketball - Newspaper - V Swimming  V Softball - V Soccer - V Tennis - JV Basketball - V Lacrosse  JV Lacrosse - V Swimming - V Golf -  Badminton -JV Volleyball - JV Tennis - JV Soccer - Track - Yearbook - NHS - Freshman Teams.

       Students may continue in Category II activities after discussion with her Guidance Counselor and her parents/guardians. 

Category  II Activities

Language Clubs - Honor Societies - Chorus - Folk Group - Instrumental Ensemble - Chorus of Play - Math Teams/Club - Key Club - Usherettes - Catholic League - all other clubs not listed.         

The Guidance Department shall provide the names of students who do not meet the eligibility requirements to participate in school activities to the general faculty and moderators. The moderator or coach will inform a student at the earliest opportunity that she is not permitted to participate in the activity because of  academic deficiencies. Care shall be taken that the student understands that this is a school policy, not one undertaken solely on her behalf, or by this particular moderator. The student may review the stated policy in the Student Handbook if there are any questions. 

* Any exception to the academic policies will be made at the discretion of the Administration.     



Departmental Honor Society criteria for Math, Science, Music and Language:

1. Overall end of year of 93% for Regents Classes.  Overall end of year average of 90% for Honors classes

2. No-Midterm, Final or Regents grade of less than 80%

3. Math Honor Society students must have completed three years of high school math, two of which must be at SHA.  They must participate in the Easter Basket drive for HOUR’s Children and must make themselves available for peer tutoring.  Students must also meet the above criteria.

4.  Science Honor Society students must have completed two years of science at SHA and meet the above criteria.  Students must make themselves available for peer tutoring and participate in Santa Brunch fundraiser.  

5. Language Honor Society students must have completed three years of language, two at SHA.  They must be available for tutoring and meet the above criteria.  

6. All students must meet the approval of the faculty and be enrolled in a fourth year of the particular honor subject area.  

7.  Music Honor Society students must have taken music 3 years beyond Basic Music/Art A and they must have an overall Music average of 90%.

8.  Any student who compromises her integrity on any assignment or assessment may not be eligible.

Presidential Honors are awarded to seniors whose cumulative four year average is 95 or higher.

Valedictorian, Salutatorian and other academic awards will be based on all academic grades from freshman year through the end of third quarter of senior year. 



The use or possession of alcoholic beverages by any student at Sacred Heart Academy is prohibited. This regulation also applies to the possession, supply or consumption of drugs. Any student in possession of, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc., upon her arrival at school for classes, extracurricular activities or social events, will be immediately suspended from school, parents will be contacted, and police may be notified. Expulsion is a possible consequence of such action. Counseling will be mandatory and the student will be permitted to continue attending classes as long as she and her parents are cooperating with the administration and are complying with whatever conditions have been set for them.         



Daily announcements are posted on the school website by 3 pm each day.  Students should check these announcements each evening in preparation for the next school day.



Assembly programs, special liturgies, retreats, and designated meetings are planned to further the education of, and to dispense information to, all students. Every student must attend these programs. No early dismissal or excused absence will be permitted at these times.  Those students who leave early will be charged with a half day absence.         

Students move to and from assembly in an orderly manner as directed by the homeroom teacher and adjunct.         

Appreciation of the assembly is shown by attention and applause. The full uniform with blazer is required for all assemblies and liturgies.



        Sacred Heart Academy is a member of the Nassau Suffolk Catholic High School Girls Athletic League and participates in interscholastic volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, track and field, cross country, swimming & tennis. Each of the teams has a specified tryout time preceding the season. Every member of the school community is invited to try out, as long as she is not on disciplinary or academic probation. Membership on teams is dictated by the required squad size under league rules. The selection by the coach is final in each case. 

Except for freshmen, the Bench Rule applies to all students who transfer into Sacred Heart Academy.         

A $250 fee will be required for participation for each season and each sport.         

Failure to attend regulation practices may result in suspension from the team. Frequent absence, excessive lateness or attitude problems may result in an athlete’s being dropped from the team roster. The student must be in school for the entire day in order to participate in practices or games.   Particiating athlete should be in full uniform including loafters.  They should not be riding the elevator or wearing sneakers.      

Athletic awards are presented at a special ceremony. Trophies and/or plaques are awarded to those members of any interscholastic team completing the season with a divisional first place finish or better.         

The Sister Virginia Crowley Award for the Athlete for the Year is awarded to a senior who has participated on two or more athletic teams and whose academic attitude and leadership qualities have greatly influenced the progress of the teams involved. 


Behavioral report SYSTEM

When a student is approached by a faculty member for non-compliance of any school policy or regulation, she fills out a behavioral report slip and gives her ID Card to the faculty member. The faculty member gives the report to the appropriate Dean before the end of the day. The student will report to her Dean before 7:55 A.M. the following day At that time the Dean decides what action will be taken. A follow-up communication will be given to the teacher.        

Behavioral reports are made by individual teachers, staff, and/or Deans. At no time is a behavioral report to be disregarded once it has been brought to the attention of the appropriate Dean. The appearance of the student before the Dean is considered to be of a very serious nature and an official record is kept of each meeting. Not reporting to a Dean after a report has been made will result in a more serious disciplinary action against the student.        

Any student who continues to disregard the procedures of the Student Handbook and/or the school philosophy after the Principal/Parent interview will be placed on disciplinary probation. If a student continues to disregard school policies while on disciplinary proba tion, the student will be asked to leave.        

Individual situations may require contact with the parents or teachers in subsequent meetings.        

* See Student Non-compliance/Penalty pages. 



       The cafeteria is open each day from 7:30 A.M. to 3:30 PM for breakfast,  lunch and snacks. An attitude of consideration and respect for others is expected of all students. By cooperating with the following regulations, students show their respect for others: 

1. Students are scheduled for one period each day for lunch. No student other than those scheduled for that period may be in the cafeteria between periods 4 and 7 (10:27 A.M. and 1:19 P.M.) 

2. Students may go to the locker room on the way to lunch, not afterwards. 

3. Every student must be seated. 

4. Each student is expected to clear her own place. Trash is to be discarded in receptacles provided, including recycling bins. 

5.  At no time is there to be hair combing, card playing, electronic devices, singing (except Happy Birthday), cheering, painting, dancing, rehearsing, etc during the regular school day. (Because of the obvious danger, permission for the lighting of birthday candles will not be given). 

6. Students logged for the cafeteria during any period, including lunch, must remain in that area for the entire period of time. Permission to leave the cafeteria must be obtained from the faculty member on duty. 

7. No food or drink may be consumed anywhere in the building outside the cafeteria. No glass bottles are permitted. 

8.  No student may leave school to purchase food to bring back into the building.

9.  Students who are permitted in the cafeteria during period 9 may get their belongings before they go to the cafeteria. All students must remain in the cafeteria from 2:07 until the bell rings.

10.  If ill, the student may call her parents from the nurses office not her cell phone.

11.  No one may carry water containers to class.

12.  All food and drink purchased from vending machines must be consumed in the cafeteria.

13.  Juniors and Seniors are permitted in the cafeteria during unscheduled time (non-lunch periods - 1, 2, 3, 8, 9)


Campus Ministry

  The Office of Campus Ministry promotes the school’s Catholic values rooted in the spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the Gospel of Jesus. Some of the ways students can develop and live out their faith and relationship with God and all God’s people is through liturgies, retreats, leadership opportunities, community service and social justice initiatives.

All students are expected to participate in retreat days since this is part of the overall curriculum and person growth of each student. Retreats are scheduled on a regular school day.  Please take a note of these important dates which are listed in your calendar and do not plan college visits or appointments on those days.



Upon entering the school building cell phones must be turned off and kept in the student’s locker for the entire school day.  At the first occurrence the cell phone will be confiscated, parents must pick it up and the student will serve after school detention.  At the second occurrence, parents may pick up the phone and 2 detentions will be served.



In accordance with “Excellence by Design”, our Middle States Protocol, and reinforcing our mission of “bringing about union and reconciliation by awakening in our community an awareness of the unconditional love God has for all people,” every student must complete 20 hours of community service and those seniors who are members of the National Honor Society or any other honor society must do an additional 10 hours of Honor Society sanctioned service.  The documentation for all service hours must be submitted by April 10, 2017 (Juniors  must complete by March 21, 2017).  If this documentation for all required service is not handed in to the Assistant Principal on or before this date, the student will not be permitted to participate in school activities, athletic teams, social events (senior prom, junior dinner dance, etc.), school trips, graduation events, etc.  If a freshman, sophomore or junior fails to complete her service hours, she will not be permitted to return to Sacred Heart Academy in September.  Please note that service hours cannot be accumulated.  For example, a student can never skip a year of doing service and then do additional hours by “doubling up” the hours for a year where no service was done.  Any paid work/service cannot be used to fulfill this community service requirement.  Providing service/work for one’s parent or other family member cannot be used to fulfill this requirement. Definition of community service:  any service that is a volunteer activity undertaken for the good of others.  This type of service is typically done during the summer, after school, or on weekends but not during the school day.



School Counselors come to know and advocate for the students they are working with in order to assist them in achieving the maximum benefit from their high school education.  They interview and guide students on matters involving grades and credits earned toward diplomas.  It is their responsibility to advise students concerning college, career options, academics, personal goals, and community service.



       The role of the grade level Dean is to assist the administration, faculty and school counselor in creating and maintaining a positive educational atmosphere. Although the students on each level will be responsible to one dean, the deans themselves will work as a team. Classroom discipline, activity discipline, etc., remain the responsibility of the teacher involved.        

The Deans at each grade level are responsible to encourage each student to observe the rules and regulations of the Academy and to help her to grow a sense of responsibility toward the other members of the community. They coordinate the behavioral report system of discipline for the school. 



       Sacred Heart Academy has a code of dress. Appearance and dignity are vitally important to the development of any young woman. Students are to wear only the uniform made for their respective classes. Students are to be dressed neatly in their uniforms, with ID card displayed, at all times. Failure to comply with any part of the dress code will result in a disciplinary behavioral report.        

  From Nov. 1 to May 1 a plain white t-shirt may be worn under the uniform blouse.  If a student has a prolonged or chronic injury or medical condition which precludes the wearing of loafers, she must have doctors lines and wear black, tie, low-heeled shoes, not sneakers.         

Gym attire will consist of school gym uniform, socks, and sneakers.  

Ballet uniform is  the gym uniform and appropriate dance shoes for ballet or tap.  No exception as to color or the substitution of gym clothing will be acceptable. Being unprepared for class will affect the student’s grade.                 

It is expected that all uniforms will be kept in good condition and must be cleaned as necessary. 

***** Skirts must be worn to the knee. 

       Blazers are to be worn for all school assemblies, liturgies, and formal occasions. 

From Sept. 1 to Oct. 31 and May 1 to June 30  students may wear school issued polos and regulation knee socks.       

While in uniform, students will limit their jewelry. Excessive earrings may not be worn at any time.  Inappropriate hoop earrings or oversized earrings are not acceptable.  No facial or visible body piercing other than the ears is permitted.  Tattoos should be avoided for health reasons.  The school reserves the right to require the removal of jewelry if in non-compliance of dress code.        

The school reserves the right to require the removal of makeup which is deemed excessive or unsuitable for a student in uniform. The Academy also reserves the right to require modification of hairstyle or color of hair. No hats, bandanas or scarves may be worn.

Pins, buttons or jewelry attached to the uniform may include only items pertaining to Sacred Heart Academy, such as: National Honor Society pin, Music Honor Society pin, Student Council button.        

Other than blazers, students must arrive and depart school in full uniform including school shoes. Students coming from school after athletic practice or games as well as any other school function must wear the team uniform OR the regulation Sacred Heart Academy warm-up suit. Failure to be in uniform will result in a disciplinary behavioral report. (Any exception to the dress code as stated will be made only by the Principal). 

“UnderArmour” is the official outfitter of all athletic and extra curricular clothing.



       There is no student parking anywhere on the campus. At no time is anyone permitted to park behind the school building.        

Limited parking is available for the faculty, staff, and volunteer parents who serve the school community each day. Designated spaces are provided in the senior parking lot. There is no overflow parking BEHIND the Korean Church at any time.  That area is PRIVATE PARKING!  As a matter of safety cars are encouraged not to enter the side driveway and rear of the school immediately before and after school. An exception is made for a parent who is picking up a student who is ill or disabled. For safety reasons, parents and students are requested not to park at the rear of the school during any evening functions. 

According to New York State Law, a student with a Junior License/Permit may drive during school hours only when accompanied by a licensed parent, guardian, driver education teacher, or driving school instructor.  Any senior who is 17, and has a driver’s license (not a junior license), must park in the senior parking lot after registering her car with her dean.



      During the 2013-2014 school year, the Sacred Heart Academy BYOD (bring your own device) program was formulated.  Further clarification regarding mobile devices other than cell telephones will be distributed at a later date. 



      The use of the elevator is restricted to the faculty. Exception may be made for physically challenged students. Passes for such students are issued only for the duration of the disability. Students must present a formal note from the physician detailing the disability to the school nurse. No student other than the physically challenged student may ride the elevator (i.e. no one may accompany her). 



Midterm, Final, Regents  Exams

       Any exam that takes more than one day to complete requires attendance on all days and the grade of that exam must reflect the work completed at that specific administration.  Any student who arrives late to a midterm, final, AP or Regents  exam will have only the remaining time to complete the test.  A doctor’s note must be submitted in order for a student to take a makeup exam for midterms and final exams.



  Tuition payments are based on three plans.  Plan A is 4 equal payments due on July 1st, October 1st, January 1st, and April 1st of the school year.  Plan B offers the opportunity to pay in 10 equal payments due the 1st of each month beginning on July 1st and ending on April 1st.  Plan C is 1 payment in the amount of the full year tuition due on July 1st.  The annual School fee, which is non-refundable, is due on July 1st.  If all financial obligations are not current throughout the school year, a student will not be permitted to attend class, participate in school activities, athletic teams, social events (Red/Gold, Senior Prom, Junior Dinner Dance, etc.), school trips, graduation events, etc.  A student will not be permitted to return to Sacred Heart Academy for the next school year if all financial obligations are not satisfied.  Checks returned by the bank for insufficient funds carry a charge of $25.  If two checks are returned during a school year, all remaining payments are expected to be paid in cash, money order, or certified check.  Please note any payments made after April 15 must be in cash, money order, or certified check - no personal checks will be accepted after this date.  If a student withdraws from Sacred Heart Academy before January 1, tuition will be refunded on a prorated basis.  Although we permit payment of tuition over a 10 month period, the tuition covers the cost of operating Sacred Heart Academy over a 12 month period.  A student will not be permitted to return to Sacred Heart Academy for the next school year if all financial obligations are not satisfied.



       Fire drills are necessary for the safety of the students and faculty. Everyone should know the specific directions for reaching a point of safety from those areas of the building in which he/she may be. For fire drills, the information is posted in each room. General rules for fire drills: 

1. Close windows

2. Students will follow designated exit instructions, keep in single file, walk, not run, refrain from talking, and proceed to a distance approximately 100 feet from point of exit. 

3.  Everyone must be away from the building.  No student is to hold any exit door.

4. The teacher should be the first one out of the room, should take the grade book and keys, Members of the faculty who are unscheduled will close doors, check rest rooms, and hold exit doors.

5.  The teacher will take attendance once the group has reached its proper distance from the building. 

6. When the all clear is sounded, all will return to their classrooms in the same orderly fashion. 

7. All students are to remain silent until an announcement is made. Note: Fire drills are very important and serious exercises which may save your life. Students are expected to act in a responsible manner. 



All seniors must attend all graduation practices, senior luncheon, graduation liturgy as well as completing annual community service (20 hours) in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.


       Minimum of 31.5 credits is required

Theology 4

English* 4

Social Studies* 4

Second Language** 4

  French, Latin, Spanish, Italian

Mathematics*                       4

Science*                       4

Fine Arts                   3

Physical Education/Dance         2 (4 yrs)

Health .5

Computer 9 1

Computer 11/12 .5

Latin Root & Derivatives .5

*Regents Exam is required  **pending

*** The passing of Algebra 2 and Trig will enable a student to earn a New York State Advanced Regents Diploma.

Courses/credit must be taken and earned at Sacred Heart Academy.  Transfer students are ineligible of being Valedictorian or Salutatorian at graduation but they may be considered for other graduation medals.

Valedictorian, Salutatorian and other academic awards will be based on all academic grades from freshman year through the end of third quarter of senior year.  Presidential Honors are awarded to seniors whose cumulative four year average is 95 or higher.

The Faculty in each department recommends to the Principal the most outstanding students eligible for a medal according to the following criteria:

ART – Skills plus completion of the senior course of study

COMPUTER – Two years of study plus demonstration of leadership and service within the department.

ENGLISH – Four years of study including Advanced Placement Language, Advanced Placement Literature and membership in at least one communication activity in high school

FRENCH – Four years of study including French 4 Honors and be in possession of the highest overall cumulative unweighted average.

ITALIAN – Four years of study including Italian 4 Honors, be in possession of the highest overall cumulative unweighted average, and have participated in an AATI activity for a minimum of 2 years

LATIN – Four years of study including Latin 4 Honors and in possession of the highest overall cumulative unweighted average.

MATHEMATICS – Four years of study and membership for at least two years on the Math Team

MUSIC – Four years of study and membership in at least one performing group throughout high school

PERFECT ATTENDANCE – Will be awarded to any senior who has never been absent throughout her 4 years of high school

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – The top athlete-scholar from the class

SCIENCE – Four years of science courses at Sacred Heart Academy; must take AP Biology, AP Chemistry, or AP Physics

SOCIAL STUDIES – Four years of Social Studies courses including AP American History

SPANISH – Four years of study including Advanced Placement Spanish and at least two years participation in the National Spanish Exam at Sacred Heart.

THEOLOGY – Four years of Theology courses and participated in a school sponsored service activity



Sexual Harassment

       It is the policy of Sacred Heart Academy that all students should be able to enjoy a school atmosphere which is free from all forms of discrimination including sexual harassment. It is expressly against school policy for anyone to make any unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, or to engage in any other physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature. Conduct that is harassing to others is against the Catholic mission of the school and will not be tolerated.        

Anyone who believes that he or she has been or is being subjected to harassing acts or conduct should bring such act or conduct to the prompt attention to any administrator. All complaints will be thoroughly and impartially investigated. Offenders will be appropriately disciplined, including possible expulsion. No one will suffer any adverse action because he or she has made a sexual harassment claim in good faith. 


Bullying among children encompasses a variety of negative acts carried out repeatedly over time.  It involves a real or perceived imbalance of power, with the more powerful child or group attacking those who are less powerful.  Bullying can take three forms:  physical (hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing, taking personal belongings); verbal (taunting, malicious teasing, name calling, making threats); and psychological (spreading rumors, manipulating social relationships, or engaging in social exclusion, extortion or intimidation).  Offenders will be disciplined including possible expulsion.



       Each student is supplied with an identification card. This may be required for bus privileges, library use, lunch and admittance to events at Sacred Heart Academy and at other schools. This ID card is to be worn by the students at all times while in the school building. 



        Each student is supported, encouraged, and challenged to do her best in all academic areas. She is personally responsible to fulfill all class assignments. Therefore, there should be no attempt to either obtain or give aid on tests, quizzes, labs, workbooks, term papers, projects, study guides or work sheets. There should be no sharing of homework.   

If by the judgment of the school, a student has been found guilty of committing or of attempting to commit fraud during an examination or on any school assignment or project, the school will issue a zero to any and all students involved in the situation.  Any student who is found guilty of committing or of attempting to commit fraud more than once faces possible expulsion.     

The student who is giving the information is as accountable as the student receiving the information.         

Some work, such as group projects, may be shared with SPECIFIC AUTHORIZATION from the teacher.         

When the Internet is used to gather data and information, it should be considered in the same category as the use of a textbook or any research material. Unless appropriate citations accompany any and all information gathered via the Internet, it will be considered plagiarism. 


The use of the Internet, by the students of Sacred Heart Academy, is considered a privilege requiring responsibility. Access has been provided for the purpose of curriculum-based research. Therefore, students must have the approval of a parent and teacher sponsor, and must agree to the rules and guidelines set by Sacred Heart Academy. At no time may any individual(s) use the Sacred Heart Academy logo, name, buildings, school mascot, etc. in video, photographic, digital and/or printed form without written permission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, NY or the Administration of Sacred Heart Academy.  Any person(s) who take videos and/or photographs, with the exception of school approved personnel, of any member of our school community must first receive permission from the individual.  Any non-compliance of the policy of Integrity will result in serious consequences.   Every student and parent is required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy agreement which is updated periodically.  

As to the appropriate use of mobile devices and computers by students during the school day, the policy is that students may employ the use of these devices for academic purposes only – any other use such as viewing TV programs and/or movies, games, picture taking, video-taping, etc. is never permitted unless under the supervision of a faculty member.  See the Acceptable Use Policy that can be found under the NEWS Section of the Edline Homepage and the School Website Under Students for further clarification.



       The library, located on the lower level of the building, serves as a Reference/Research center designed primarily for serious study and independent work. (Group work and tutoring must be done in a classroom or departmental center).    Our Electronic Information Access area provides additional opportunities for research via the World Wide Web.        

A student’s ID card with a library code sticker on the back enables her to use circulation and reference books, magazines, videos and cassette tapes. These materials are all checked out at the Circulation Desk and must be returned to the Circulation Desk on time. Magazines and reference books may not be taken from the library.       

Overnight books, three-day, and seven-day books and materials must be returned before the first period of the day they are due and are not renewed on the day of return.        

Any materials not returned on or before the due date incur a fine according to the type borrowed. Lost books (or other borrowed items) must be reported immediately.  Students must pay for lost books.        

Each student will be assigned a “log-on” code only if her AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) form has been signed and is on file in the Library. This will enable her to use the computers for internet access and work in our Information Access Center. 



       Each student is provided with a locker for her use during the year. Students are only allowed one locker and one school issued lock. If there is an issue with the locker given to you please see the Dean.  Student lockers are the property of the school.  Textbooks, clothing and personal items are to be stored therein. Each locker must have the regulation school lock as provided upon entrance to the Academy. The combination will be registered with the office. Replacement locks can be purchased from the school if necessary. Locks other than those issued by the Academy will be removed.        

Students are reminded that the school cannot be responsible for lost or stolen property. Do not leave personal property unattended. Be sure lockers are securely closed after each use.        

All lockers will be completely emptied at designated periods throughout the year. The school reserves the right to inspect lockers at any time for the purpose of health and safety.        

The face of the locker is to be kept clear of all writing, pictures, and marks of any type. Students are held responsible for the face of the locker, as well as for the general order of the interior.        

Ample time is provided before school in the morning, at lunch, and after school for the changing of all books. If change of a class assignment, gym or dance class warrants, a student will go to the locker at the end of a designated period with permission from subject teacher. She may not remain in the locker room for any length of time. This policy applies to locker room and fourth floor lockers.

       Students are strongly discouraged from giving locker combinations or access to their lockers to any other person for any reason.



       Students are urged to be careful about leaving books in classrooms, in the locker room, or in the cafeteria. Lost pocketbooks may be picked up in the General Office. Lost uniform parts may be picked up in the Dean’s Office. Lost gym apparel may be picked up in the Gym Office.   Lost books may be claimed in the respective Departmental Center.



       The services of a registered nurse are available each day. Any illness or accident occurring during the school hours must be reported.  If the nurse is unavailable, students are to report to the Principal’s Office.  When a student arrives at the medical office, the nurse determines whether or not the student has informed the subject teacher of her intention to go to the nurse. If the student has not done so, the nurse will send her back to inform the teacher. If the student is too ill to carry out this task, the nurse will send a message to the subject teacher.       

The student may remain in the Medical Office for one period. After that time she will return to her classes or the nurse will contact her parents to request that they pick her up to take her home. If a student returns to class but subsequently returns to the Nurse’s Office for a second time, the nurse will contact her parents to pick her up and take her home. Students are never permitted to phone parents to request that they be picked up to go home. The nurse will contact the parents after the nurse makes the determination that a student’s illness warrants her departure from school on that day. Signing out procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook  will be followed. Only the parent, or an adult designated by the parent on the emergency card, may sign a student out. Any exception to any/all of the procedures outlined above will he made at the discretion of the principal.        

Seniors who may have driven to school and require a dismissal for illness will not be permitted to drive home. 

       Students with chronic or temporary illness requiring the taking of medication during the school day are asked to bring notification of such condition to the nurse’s office. All medication will remain in the office and will be taken under the supervision of the nurse. Students must bring in MD notes when returning to school following: chicken pox, conjunctivitis (pink eye) (any other contagious disease), mono, any illness when student is out five days or more, any kind of surgery and/or hospitalization. Students are also required to bring in MD note for crutches, canes, slings or immobilizer. No student may attend school with an injury without a doctor’s note.  Students sent home for chest pain and/or shortness of breath must bring in an MD note when returning to school.  Students who are unable to participate fully in gym and/or dance, or must use the elevator are NOT permitted to join a sports team, Red and Gold, Nutcracker, or the play.

New students (all grades) and students going into 10th grade must have a current physical.  Any student playing a sport must have a new physical each year.  According to NYS Education Law, physicals are valid for 365 days from the date they were performed.  For example:  If a student had a physical on Nov. 15, 2015, it is valid until Nov. 15, 2016.  The student must submit a new physical form dated Nov. 17, 2016 or before to the school nurse in the Medical Office in order to continue attending school.  There are no exceptions to this regulation.

Any student who is under the care of a specialist:  cardiologist, neurologist, orthopedist, etc. must present a new letter with restrictions and/or clearance each year. 

If parents/guardians will be away while their daughter is in school they must file an Authorization for Medical Treatment form and/or leave a contact number should their daughter require medical treatment in their absence.



      Scholarship – Juniors overall average must be a 90 unweighted average with no failing midterm, final, Regents or quarter grades. Calculations will include freshman grades, sophomore grades and junior first quarter, midterm and third quarter grades. 

If a student is found to have violated our academic integrity policy at any point, she will be ineligible to apply for induction or will have her NHS status revoked. 

Once accepted, NHS members must maintain these academic standards through senior year in order to receive NHS recognition on their diploma and at graduation with an NHS cord.

       Leadership Positions - must have held at least one position of leadership in a school-related activity or in their community. The position must he validated by a school official or by a community member. 

Service - must fulfill school requirement for 20 hours of community service plus at least one school service from Category I or Category II

       Category I - Eucharistic Ministers - Mission Rep - Maria Regina Drive Rep -Tutoring - Spiritual Life Committee Work - Open House - Registration Night

      Category II- Guidance - Nurse - Attendance - Gym - Library - Principal’s Office - General Office - Development Office. 

       Character - How have you manifested commendable character during high school years? Write 3 paragraphs explaining how your character affects the standards of the National Honor Society. Please attach your writing to your application.   All candidates must be endorsed by their Dean. All candidates will be approved by the Deans before they receive their application. All candidates must have their application signed by their parents. Final approval of NHS candidate rests with the Faculty Council and the Principal.  All candidates are expected to attend the Induction Ceremony in order to be a member of the NHS.



a.  All National Honor Society members must do an additional 10 hours of NHS sanctioned service, 5 of which must be completed by January 20, 2016 in order to maintain active membership.

b.  The only service hours that will be accepted are those that reflect one of the service programs given to the students by the moderators of NHS.

c. Students that are absent in excess of 10 days in a year or are late in excess of 10 days in a year are in danger of not being inducted into the National Honor Society and/or losing NHS status.

d. The other components of leadership and character are expected to be maintained through senior year in order to receive NHS recognition on their diploma and at graduation with an NHS cord.



       In the spring, each student will select, under advisement, her courses for the following year. These courses will be chosen in conjunction with her parents who will countersign the course selection sheet. No changes will be made in the program selected at that time except for a grave reason and then with the written approval of the Assistant Principal. Since this necessitates a major program revision, a finance charge of $100.00 will be required. 



    All property on the campus, indoors and out, should command the full respect of the student. This applies particularly to desks, walls, lockers, bulletin boards, lavatories, library books and equipment.        

Since Sacred Heart Academy is located in a residential area, students are asked to act responsibly toward our neighbors by refraining from loitering, littering, loud noise, blowing of horns, other disturbances or parking on the neighborhood streets.         

*At no time are students permitted to sit on the grass and/or curb while waiting for transportation from school.        

Upon arrival at school in the morning, students are to go directly to the school locker area. Once a student is in the building, she may not leave until dismissal. Students will exit the building ONLY rear doors.     



       Bus service or passes will be provided by the individual school districts. Students are to observe all regulations dictated by the district and bus company. In inclement weather, students should wait in room 112 and leave the building when the bus arrives. Students who are picked up by parents should wait in room 112. 



       A full program of events is sponsored by the Academy for the enjoyment and benefit of the students. These are possible because of the volunteer services of our parent/teacher chaperones. 

• The dress code will be announced before each event. 

• The boys from local schools who attend SHA sponsored events must wear a shirt with a collar and dress pants.  They are not permitted to wear jeans or hats. 

• Girls from schools other than Sacred Heart Academy (including former students) are not permitted to attend dances, audition for plays, etc. 

•  All visitors to social functions are bound by the regulations concerning smoking, drugs, alcohol and dress. 

• Jeans, or jean-like slacks, will not be acceptable dress for any one, male or female.        

Most evening events for students at Sacred Heart Academy are from 7:00 - 10:00 PM. Students may not leave an event before the end unless met by a parent. Students are not to loiter outside either before or after the event. Parents are advised to bring the students just prior to the time indicated and to arrange transportation home at the end of the activity. It should not be necessary to wait for a phone call since the conclusion time will be known.        




When all responsibilities are met, to the satisfaction of the Guidance Counselor and Dean, seniors may receive the privilege of early dismissal. This entails signed consent forms from the parents releasing the school from responsibility for seniors after last class each day. Once the permission has been approved by the Principal, seniors may leave the campus. A senior who has left school early may return to the building in uniform at 3:00 for meetings and activities. Permission to leave the building does not entitle a student to linger in the building unless she has specific work to be done.  If a senior fails one or more subjects per quarter or fails three midterm exams, her senior privileges are revoked.       

While we recognize the growth and maturity of seniors, we expect that they will conform to the standards expected of all students. Since younger students look to them for example, total cooperation with uniform, attendance and general procedures regarding everyday life at the Academy is required. 




       Smoking in the school building, on the grounds, or within a one block radius of the school is prohibited. This applies to all school-related activities as well as during the day. Non-compliance of this regulation is a serious offense punishable BY SUSPENSION AND POSSIBLE EXPULSION.        

In support of, and agreement with, the policy of other high schools, Sacred Heart Academy enforces a strict no-smoking policy at all events. Smoking will not be tolerated at any dance, gym, rehearsal, etc., by anyone. 



       In case of weather emergency, the school will remain in session unless announced otherwise. Sacred Heart Academy will use stations WBZO, WHLI, WKJY, WINS, WALK and Channel 12 News, NBC, ABC and FOX 5 to announce closing. Students should listen to WHLI for district bus information.  

Websites:  WHLI -

WINS NEWS -http:/

Channel 12 -

SCHOOL REACH: Instant Parent Contact



      Students may use only those areas of the building (classrooms, Departmental centers, etc.) where a faculty member is present. 

Students who wait to be picked up should wait in the cafeteria (never on stairs or in other parts of the building). When students have been dismissed by the moderator of an activity they are to leave the building or wait in the cafeteria.        

When students are dropped off at school either by the school bus or by their parents, they are to enter the school building immediately. In order to assure the safety of students who are being driven to school, parents are permitted to drop students at the walkway between the school and the convent (never behind the school unless the student is disabled). We cannot assume responsibility for students who fail to cooperate in these important matters. 



I.  In-school suspension-parent is informed; meetings are arranged with Administration and appropriate faculty.  The student is responsible for all missed work.  The student will report to the assigned room where she will be required to spend her time in silent study.  Tests will be administered and/or specific work assigned.  The Dean will inform teachers.

II Out-of-school Suspension-parent is informed; meetings are arranged with administration and appropriate faculty.  Students are not permitted back to school until the above meetings are completed.  The student is responsible for all missed work.  Missed tests, labs or in-class assignments will receive a zero as the grade.  No make-up of missed tests or quizzes will be permitted.  Projects or labs must be sent in on the due date or will be considered late.  The student will not be permitted to participate in special events/functions as outlined at the meeting with the Principal.



       Students traveling to school by bus are expected to observe appropriate behavior. State law governs safety rules and prohibits smoking. Students arriving at school by bus must come directly into the building.        

Students may only be picked up from school by a parent or legal guardian designated on emergency cards. 



       All tuition and school fees must be up to date before deposits are accepted or tickets are sold to students wishing to participate.  Please refer to the Finance section for delineation of respective events or activities.  Occasionally an overnight and/or day trip may be scheduled during a student’s high school career. All such trips are optional. Deposits are required well in advance of the event in order to secure prices and definite numbers. All such deposits are non-refundable. Students for whom no deposit is received in advance are not guaranteed places and must rely on cancellations. The amount of the advance deposit will be added to the total cancellation balance.   Late orders incur an additional penalty.        

Behavior at these events and at other trips will always be in accordance with Sacred Heart Academy code.  Consequences will be at the discretion of the Administration.



Sacred Heart Academy is officially open from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  Students are not permitted to remain in the building, on school grounds, or to use school facilities before or after school or on days when school is not in session unless under the DIRECT supervision of a member of the faculty or staff who is present during the time the school-sponsored activity is taking place. 



We welcome female visitors to our school during the Academic year.  To arrange for a Shadow day, the parent of the visiting student must call the General Office, 516-483-7383 ext. “0”, to make arrangements.  Visitors are welcome to spend the day with a Freshman or Sophomore at Sacred Heart Academy.  Eighth Grade girls are welcome to visit from September thru January.  Seventh Grade girls are welcome to visit during the month of March.  Transfer Students wishing to shadow should call Ms. White at 516-483-7383 ext. 207.  The General Office will notify the SHA student of the upcoming visit.  All visitors must be properly attired in their school uniform, dress or skirt.  



In the event that a student is to be withdrawn from the Academy, the administration must be informed in writing.  

   Sacred Heart Academy recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children.   The education of students at Sacred Heart Academy is a partnership between parents and the school.  If, in the opinion of the administration, the partnership is broken, Sacred Heart Academy reserves the right to require the parent to withdraw his or her child.  This is a very serious decision that is not made lightly.



Point Value System

      Every student at Sacred Heart Academy begins the school year will 100 points.  If a student loses 25 points, parent/guardians will be notified.  A student who loses 50 points will be placed on Disciplinary probation and may be asked to leave or not be invited back to Sacred Heart Academy

        Sacred Heart Academy students are responsible for their own behavior; moreover, they are accountable for their own choices and decisions.  The calendar and student planner contain all policies relating to the daily life of the students attending SHA.  Both parents and students are asked to read all procedural policies carefully and sign the Parent/Student Declaration form acknowledging they have read and will abide by the policies set forth by the Administration and faculty.  Below are penalties and points for non-compliance but are not limited to those listed:


P: 1st Occurrence: after school detention and - 0 points

     2nd Occurrence: after school detention and -5 points

     3rd Occurrence: after school detention and -10 points


P: 1st Occurrence: warning and - 0 points

     2nd Occurrence: after school detention and -10 points

I: CELL PHONE – possession after entering building

P: 1st Occurrence - parent picks up phone and after school detention and -10 pts

     2nd Occurrence - parent picks up phone and 2 days after school detention  

     and -10 points


P: -20 Possible loss of device.  Further penalties at the discretion of the administration


P: 1st Occurrence – removal and 0 points

     2nd Occurrence – removal and after school detention and – 10 points


P: 1st Occurrence – 3 days of cleanup and 0 points

     2nd Occurrence – 5 days of cleanup and -5 points

     3rd Occurrence – 5 days cleanup and after school detention and -5 points


P: Meet with Dean and after school detention and -10 points


P: after school detention or suspension at the discretion of the Dean and Administration and – 10 points


P: 1st Occurrence – after school detention and an apology letter signed by parent and -10 points

     2nd Occurrence – parent/guardian will meet with the Dean and/or Administra tion and disciplinary action  will be at the discretion of the Dean and Administration and -15 points

     I: LATENESS TO SCHOOL (School bus lateness is the only excused lateness)

P: On the 3rd lateness to school a warning letter is sent home.  From the 4th lateness onward the student will serve an after school detention and -5 points for each lateness.  12th lateness limits participation in Honor Roll, Honor Societies and activities.  


P: Class lateness will result in possible class grade penalties, an after school detention and -5 points for each occurrence.

I: CUTTING CLASS (unaccounted for during the school day)

P: 1st Occurrence – parent/guardian will be notified, 2 hour after school detention and -10 points and class work must be made up.  A zero will be given for any missed tests/quizzes.  Student may receive a zero or deduction of points for work to be handed in on the period missed.

    2nd Occurrence –Suspension, parental conference and -15 points

I: TRUANCY (Student has not reported for school and has not been called in by a parent/guardian)

P: 1st Occurrence – parent/guardian will meet with the Administration and Dean and the student will serve a 1 day suspension and -15 points. In addition, seniors will lose senior privileges.

     2nd Occurrence – parent/guardian will meet with Administration and Dean, student will serve out of 

     school suspension and further recourse will be at the discretion of the Administration and -25 points.  



P: 2 after school detentions for each detention missed and -10 points for each

I: NEIGHBORHOOD (includes parking)

P: 1st Occurrence: detention and -0 points

     2nd Occurrence: detention and -5 points

     3rd Occurrence: detention, parent phone call and -10 points


P: parent/guardian will be notified, student and parent will meet with the Dean and Administration, and the student will be required to clean or pay for any damages incurred, and further recourse will be at the discretion of the Administration and Dean and -15 points.


P: 1st Occurrence: parents will meet with the Administration and Dean and 1 day   

     suspension and -10 points

     2nd Occurrence: parental conference, 2 day suspension and -15 points.


P: See Student Handbook – handled at the discretion of the Administration and 

    Dean.  Parental conference, 1-3 day suspension (depending on severity) and 

    -25 points.  Possible expulsion.


P: Parents will meet with Administration and Dean and possible expulsion.  


P: Parents will meet with Administration and Dean, suspension and full restitution 

     must be made and -25 points.


P: Parents will meet with Administration and Dean.  Further recourse at the 

    discretion of the Administration and -25 points.


P: Based on infraction/behavior, Points determined by Deans  - 5 to -25 points

All referrals must be signed by the student’s parent and returned to the Dean the next morning before homeroom.

After school detentions are normally on Monday - Thursdays from 3:00 – 4:00, though students may be asked to serve on the other days of the week if normal detention days are x-days.

Parents will be notified in writing of excessive referrals.

Dates and times for penalties are determined by Deans.  Student participation in sports or any other activity, including work, does not take precedence over assigned detention.

If inappropriate behavior continues, the student will be placed, at the discretion of the Administration, on Disciplinary Probation.  Lack of adherence to or lack of cooperation with, the above guidelines as well as those in the Student Handbook may impact on participation in school societies and extracurricular activities: i.e. clubs, teams, performances, etc.  

**The Administration has the authority to regulate any conduct or action deemed inappropriate.**