Standardized Testing Program

The widespread success of SHA graduates as they continue their academic careers is a testament to the school's exceptional college preparation and placement programs. Virtually all SHA students move on to attend four-year colleges. Over the years, we have placed students in over 90 different colleges and universities, including many highly respected Catholic colleges, all of the Ivies, and virtually all of the most prestigious, top academically rated institutions in the U.S.

The right school for each student

Matching each student to the college where she can best succeed is a hallmark of our process. Our Guidance Department works with each student beginning in freshman year. The guidance counselor's goal is to get to know each student well, to learn their strengths and interests, and to help them make informed choices about college.

SHA students also take the EXPLORE test in freshman year. A predictive assessment of academics skills, the EXPLORE is a practical guidance tool that provides early feedback of student skills in English, Mathematics and Reading.

SHA students also take the PLAN and PSAT tests in sophomore year. The Plan test is a predictive assessment regarding the ACT Examination and the PSAT test is a predictive assessment regarding the SAT test. 

SHA students take the PSAT test in junior year as part of the National Merit Program.

The college selection, testing and application process begins in earnest junior year. Parents universally state that their SHA daughters are exceptionally well prepared for the numerous requirements and details. It is well known that, when it comes to the college placement process, SHA women never miss a deadline.

Exceptional achievement in scholarships

To assist SHA families in achieving their daughters' higher education goals, we apply in-depth knowledge of college scholarship opportunities. Indeed, few schools can boast a more impressive record of earning our graduates financial recognition for their unique talents. In 2013 alone, our graduating class of 198 received over $45 million in athletic, academic and artistic scholarships to the colleges of their choice.  In addition, 92% of the graduates from the Class of 2013 received scholarships.