Guidance Newsletter


Happy Spring!

The Guidance Department is very busy these days congratulating our seniors on their college acceptances and scholarship awards! Specific details about the Class of 2017 will be highlighted as we get closer to celebrating their Graduation Day! All of us are looking forward to participating at the many “special events” planned for them during the next few weeks.

Our juniors and some of our sophomores, like our seniors, are taking their AP Exams and preparing diligently for their Final and Regents Exams, not to mention the SAT, ACT and SAT II exams! We wish all of our student, including our freshman, the best of luck on all of these challenging days during the months of May and June.

Department members are working with their students regarding the varied aspects of the Naviance Program, in addition to planning for some of the annual Spring events, proctoring exams and preparing the files for our new incoming freshmen. This season is such a beautiful and busy one for all of us on campus. We look forward to seeing you at one of our fundraisers, special ceremonies, delicious luncheons, scrumptious barbeques, spring concerts, masses of celebration or on Graduation Day, itself!

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