The faculty members of Sacred Heart Academy offer demonstrated expertise in their academic disciplines combined with an exceptional dedication to their students’ success. All are continually engaged in staying at the forefront of the latest knowledge, teaching techniques and technology in their areas of specialty. The majority hold memberships in relevant professional organizations.
We have among our faculty three who hold a doctorate. In addition, two members of our Theology Department are ordained Deacons. The efforts of our faculty in the classroom are supported by the work of our six full-time Guidance personnel. The success of our students as they continue their academic careers attests to the high level of preparation they receive from the faculty of SHA.

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Name Title Department(s)
Ackerman, Dr. Robert Faculty/Director of International Studies and Travel Theology
Adolphus, Danielle Faculty Math
Amore, S. Jean Vice President Administration
Brennan, S. Eileen Guidance Chairperson Guidance
Bruno, Roseanne Administrative Assistant to the President Administrative Staff
Butler, Emily Faculty Physical Education/Health
Carroll, Barbara Faculty/Chairperson Math/Computer
Cascio, Joseph Faculty English
Ceriello, Anne Faculty Language
Chekow, Mary Faculty Physical Education
Clarke, Mary Jo Director of Major Gifts and Alumnae Relations Office of Institutional Advancement
Conway, James Faculty/Dean Social Studies
DeAcetis, Anna Gift Processing and Database Specialist Institutional Advancement
deBruin, Daniel Faculty Computer
DeVito, Nicole Faculty Science
Emmett, Camille Faculty Social Studies
Feinman, Dr. Beth Faculty Science
Flannery, James Faculty/Deacon Theology
Flannery, Marie Staff Guidance
Foge, Regina Librarian Library
Forker, S. Joanne Principal Administration
Fundus, Terry Faculty/Chairperson Physical Education
Glass, Paula Faculty Art
Goetz, Michael Faculty/Athletic Director English
Grady, Andrea Faculty Language
Grazioli, Rachael Faculty/Dean Social Studies
Gregorio, Erin Guidance Counselor Guidance
Gutierrez, Damian Faculty Language
Hahn, Judy Bursar Administration
Henderson, Terry Guidance Counselor Guidance
Hodeau, Anne Staff Administrative Staff
Johnson, Kathleen Finance Associate Finance
Kennedy, Elizabeth Social Worker/Counselor Guidance
Kleinmann, Walter Faculty Language
Korec, Tony Faculty Theology
Kuntz, Dr. Karen Faculty/Research Science
Lafferty, Linda Faculty/Chairperson Science
Lynch, Terry Administrative Assistant to the Principal Administrative Staff
Lynch Graham, Kristin President Administration
Mallon, Patricia Faculty/Chairperson Mathematics
Manfre, Eileen Director of Finance Finance
Marano, Gabrielle Faculty Science
Mariano, Kristin Faculty Art/Computer
Marinelli, Philip Faculty Theology
Mertz, Alison Faculty English
Michal, David Faculty Mathematics
Minogue, Dr. Maryellen Faculty/Chairperson English
Miss, Maria Faculty Mathematics
Mulholland, Kathryn Faculty English
Munnelly, Keith Faculty Science
O'Connor, Morgan Molinari Faculty/Assistant Athletic Director Physical Education
O'Neill, Kathleen Director of College & Career Counseling and Academic Services Guidance
OBrien, Kathryn Faculty Mathematics
Ohle, Louis Faculty Mathematics
Perfetti, Susan Academic Assistant to the Principal Mathematics
Pfeifer-Servedio, Elizabeth Guidance Counselor Guidance
Powers, Richard Faculty Social Studies
Prehoda, Carol Faculty/Chairperson Art
Prunzion, Gerard Faculty Science
Quill, Alexa Faculty/Dean English
Rapone, Ashley Faculty Social Studies
Rappoport, Denise Faculty/Chairperson Social Studies
Rappoport, Adam Faculty Science
Reinhart, Anne Faculty/Chairperson Theology
Rienzi, Karen Manager of Communications & Alumnae Relations Institutional Advancement
Rossi, Maura Faculty English
Rotondi, Connie Guidance Counselor Guidance
Santora, Mary Receptionist Administrative Staff
Sarosy, James Facilities Manager Maintenance
Schreiner, Kristen Faculty/Dean Social Studies
Shaw, Peggyanne Faculty Language
Shea, Daniel Faculty Language
Sheridan, Nikki Assistant Director of Finance Finance
Shirreffs, Therese Faculty/Chairperson Music
Soldano Ferrara, Donna Faculty Music
Strong, Christine Administrative Assistant to the Director of Guidance Administrative Staff
Sullivan, Emanuela Assistant Principal/Student Life Administration
Ticas-Ludewig, Veronica Campus Minister
Tracey, S. Catherine Volunteer Science
Veras, Giovanny IT Technician Technology
Villalobos, Ana Faculty Language
Vollmer, Lori Faculty/Chairperson Language
Waka, Allison Faculty Theology
Walsh, Caroline Faculty Social Studies
West, Dorothy Volunteer Campus Ministry
White, Mary Faculty/Director of Admissions Music
Yun, Josh Faculty Science
Zaidinski, Susan Attendance/Driver Education Administrative Staff