International Travel

At Sacred Heart Academy (SHA), we believe that international travel provides students with an opportunity to expand the boundaries of the physical classroom to the world that exists beyond the school walls.  Through our association with ACIS, two trips are offered every year, each with a different focus and set of objectives.  The first trip, an international service-learning  experience, enables our students, for example, to work with economically disadvantaged students, explore the harsh realities of racial and ethnic injustice, and participate in conservation projects in the host country.  The second trip focuses exclusively on cultural connections.  SHA students engage people from other countries, creating a cross-cultural literacy that makes it possible for them to see the world from a different point of view.  In learning about others, they learn about themselves.  International travel facilitates Sacred Heart’s goal of working “for peace and justice in an increasingly interdependent global community.”  Our two trips planned for 2017 will encourage students to live out these values so that they can become citizens of the world.




Service Trip to China

February 18—February 26, 2017

During their February break in 2017, students will travel to China for nine days, where they will visit Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian.  The itinerary developed for this trip emphasizes two dimensions of service learning: (1) a commitment to promoting environmental sustainability, and (2) a commitment to helping the poor.  Students will work on three service projects during their stay.  In addition, students will participate in many cultural activities.  Various aspects of Chinese culture complement the service component by teaching the students about the people they are serving and the natural resources they are helping to conserve.  For example, they will visit the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Terra Cotta Warriors, and a Shanghai acrobatic show. Any student participating  in the Service Trip to China will earn community service credit for her work.   Students must see Dr. Ackerman for further details.




England and Scotland

April 13—April 22, 2017

During the Easter break in 2017, students will travel to England and Scotland for ten days.  Students will visit many exciting destinations such as London, Oxford, Edinburgh, Glen Coe, Loch Ness, and Inverness.  The custom itinerary prepared for this trip includes, among other activities, three West End theater performances, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, the Harry Potter Studio Tour, the Victoria and Albert museum, the National Museum of Scotland (see if you can find Dolly the Sheep!), the Royal Mile, and an Edinburgh Ghost Tour.  These immersive activities will give students the opportunity to experience the culture from the inside out.  Here students will experience firsthand what they have only read about in books.  They will see the world in a new way, making cultural connections that last a lifetime.


We are pleased to facilitate two trips every year through American Council for International Studies (ACIS), a leader in quality educational travel.  Dr. Ackerman, Director of International Studies and Travel at Sacred Heart Academy, has led SHA students overseas on over twenty trips during the past two decades.  The cost of each trip depends on a number of factors, including destination, type of itinerary and length of stay.



For additional information, including itineraries and registration materials, please contact Dr. Ackerman by email at or by phone at 516.483.7383

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