We have come to regard our curriculum as one that combines two complimentary strands of course offerings, each strand including courses that are basic to a classical, college-preparatory education, as well as those that are relevant and current for our girls as they face a digital and globally focused world culture and job market that is still unfolding and being defined. We refer to these two strands as STEAM and STELLAR:

The STEAM strand emphasizes:
Science (including research)
         Art (including drawing, painting, photography, architectural design/construction)

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The STELLAR strand emphasizes:
Social Sciences
      English Language/Literature
         Languages Other Than English (Latin, Spanish, French, Italian)
            Law & Business
               Art(including dance, choral music, instruments, physical movement)
                  Research in the Humanities

By providing our girls with opportunities for study in both strands, we believe we are equipping them to graduate from Sacred Heart Academy with a strong faith and the knowledge, skills, and sensitivities that will enable them to make a valuable contribution to the society in which they will find themselves.

May their course of study for 2014-2015 be challenging and engaging for all of our girls!

S. Joanne Forker CSJ, EdD